The Miracle of Change

Bringing your daughters “back to the flower” at the age of transition to see the beauty in God’s design and His plan for each blossom. This book is a delicate, yet honest look at the transformation that is coming your daughter’s way. Help prepare your daughter for the miracle of change with this beautiful book that will celebrate her God-given femininity.

For ages 9 and up.

A beautiful full color and tastefully illustrated hard back educational book designed to help mothers instruct their pre-adolescent daughters as they face the changes puberty brings.

46 pages

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“As a mother how can you prepare your pre-adolescent daughter for the changes that will effect her womanhood? From my experience as a nurse, childbirth educator and most importantly, as a mother of daughters, I  find The Miracle of Change to be a resource providing accurate information, while preserving the dignity of the mother/daughter relationship. This book is adorned with sensitivity and graciousness.”

Anne Marie Ezzo R.N.

“I found the book The Miracle of Change to be absolutely exceptional.  As a doctor, I found the gentle, yet medically sound descriptions of the pubertal changes in young girls to be extremely informative.  I am asked all the time by the parents of pre-pubertal girls for information that will help them prepare their daughters for the coming changes  in their lives and bodies.  This book will become the answer to those questions.  As a Christian, I love the way that Ami provides the biblical perspective to explain why the changes occur and why they should be embraced as an example of God’s love for them.  What a blessing this book is as a guide for parents and children as they go through a challenging time!”

Ronald Jones M.D.

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