The Miracle Of Life

The birds and the bees, the classic method of relaying the miracle of life and reproduction to children is given a hand. This book provides parents the tool to facilitate this important conversation between parent and child from the youngest of ages.  With informative text and illustrated with beautifully detailed flowers, this guide book will assist you and the children in your life as you together discover the “Miracle of Life.”

  • A Illustrative guide and story to accompany the Growing Family International publication “Reflections on Moral Innocence”
  • Written by: Ami M. Loper
  • Illustrated by: Carol J. Loper

At last there is help for parents who want to keep the “Miracle” in the “Miracle of Life” talk with their young children. This book has been carefully written and beautifully illustrated to facilitate that often-skirted  (or dreaded) discussion and to ease your child into a wholesome first awareness.

You can trust this gentle yet informative guide book to assist you and the children in your life in discovering together the “Miracle of Life”.

To purchase “The Miracle of Life,” click here to go to the Book Store.

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