The Mission: Boy to Man

This two part book will step your son through the physical changes that accompany adolescence. Part one teaches your son the basics of caring for his changing body as well as encouraging him to pursue his God-given talents and calling. Part two of The Mission addresses the moral side of development, challenging young men to remain pure physically, mentally and spiritually. The Mission is intended for fathers to  read together with their sons and over a period of several years as parents see new issues arise.


112 pages
For ages 9 and up

The time has come.

Adventure is calling.

The mission is upon you.

Are you ready?

A mission awaits you. Your mission is to become a True Man. Are you prepared to accomplish this mission? Do you know what to expect? The Mission: Boy to Man, will prepare you for the adventures that are ahead. In part one of The Mission, you will learn of the changes that are around the corner and in part two you will develop skills and establish plans of attack, equipping yourself for the battle for your heart and mind.  This book is your manual for building godly character as you develop and mature.

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“This book is a very timely tool that is desperately needed in these times. We, as men, are often failing to fulfill our missions as God’s leaders, especially within the family. I was blessed by this book and really encouraged that it could be used to train our boys in the knowledge of who they are in God. I am thankful that  Tim and Ami Loper have allowed God to speak to their hearts and that they have faithfully labored to produce a manual that can assist us in teaching our boys to be men.”

Ronald Jones M.D.


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